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Townhouse Complex

Godstone Manor

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Client:  Canlight Hall for their Godstone Manor property

Canlight Hall provides property, facilities and asset management services for both commercial and multi-residential real estate.  They operate in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Southern Ontario.  Their objective is to provide the direction and expertise necessary to protect their client's assets, maximize investment returns and enhance real estate value. 

Problem: 80% of the tar and gravel flat roofs on a 100-unit townhouse complex were many years beyond their useful life cycle.  Replacement was the only option for the complex.  Due to budgetary restrictions, replacing all of the roofs at one time was not a feasible alternative.

Advice: Provincial Roofing suggested prioritizing the roofs from the most severely in need of immediate replacement to those that were in better condition.  Provincial advised Canlight that they could conduct repairs and maintenance for those roofs that were in better condition.  For roofs that needed immediate attention and replacement was necessary, replacements were carried out on a staggered basis over a period of many months.

Results: We met their budget by dealing with pressing issues such as repairing leaks, and replacing the worst roofs.  We continue to repair and replace roofs for the property as budgets allow.

Testimonial: “We have used the services of Provincial Roofing for several years and in particular at a 100-unit townhouse complex where the roofs are in very poor condition. Provincial Roofing quickly responds to any leak calls that we have and has skilled personnel always readily available. When the roofs are beyond repair, as many have been lately, we have had them carry out the replacements. We have always been pleased with the process and results.” David Barkin, Property Manager

Provincial Roofing often comes across roofs like the above example that are years beyond their useful life cycle